Get shop configuration

Retrieves configuration of the Shop a json array that could be handy to cache on e-shop server side for the integration module. You could refresh this i.e. each hour or once a day.
Right now the json contains:
  • Payment methods available for the shop:
    Use this to render selection of payment methods in checkout dialog. The list may change over time based on the commercial agreement and when payment channels are added or removed by MK.
    Channels are ordered by country, so you can use the order for UI.
    We intend to make logos for the channels to be available on our server.

As input we ask you to provide description of the integration environment - info about e-commerce platform and integration module.
We need this information for better problem resolution capability and for estimating imapct of changes in our API.

    'platform'=>'magento 2.1',
    'module'=>'codejunkies 1.0.1');
$request = array('environment' => json_encode($myEnvironment) );

$shop = $MK->getShopConfig($request);


Required fields are underlined.