Payment Gateway is the easiest way to integrate your site with MK service. It offers full set of dialogs to commence payment outside the e-commerce site. The browser is redirected to our Gateway - hence it is also known as 'redirect method'
  • the user on e-commerce site has completed checkout form and wants to proceed to pay, clicks button 'pay'
  • the site redirects user to MK Payment Gateway, passing the order parameters as the GET request variables OR within a json arry using a signed POST request
  • a new transaction is created for the shop in MK system at this point
  • in the Gateway the user selects payment method of choice and does the payment in respective channel
  • after succesfull payment the user is redirected back to the e-commerce site ('return_url'), passing back the payment attributes in the request parameters
  • MK servers will send additional async message about the transaction status change to the shop server 'notification_url' (see notifications)

Very little knowledged of our API is needed. You just need to process the payment notifications coming to the URL's designated in Shop's settings.

Never expose your Secret Key to the public! If the Secret Key has been compromised, reset it immediately in the Merchant Portal.

Post to Payment Gateway

Payment link

we have excluded non-eur payments functionality from example above. adding parameter 'currency' value 'gbp' or 'usd' works too, if the feature is enabled for your shop