Create shipments

Creates shipments at carriers systems based on orders (Itella, Omniva, DPD..)
Requires your own credentials at these systems provided as input or the use of MakeCommerce's Transport Mediation Service (TMS).
The credentials object can be empty or missing if TMS is enabled.

destination can be expressed:
  • for automated parcel terminal shipments - as 'destinationId' from list of destinations
  • for courier shipments - as object with 'postalCode', 'country', 'county', 'city', 'street'

$request_body = array(
    'credentials' => '',
    'orders' => '', 
    'app_info => '' );

$destinations = $MK->createShipments( $request_body );


Request body (json) contains 2 sub-objects - array of credentials and array of orders.
To test you need to put in you credentials at Omniva and/or SmartPOST web services.